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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Summer Planner

My computer is finally working, yay! . Anyway- this is the summer planner...  I am pretty happy with how it is coming together.
 I have a "home management binder" that I love. It is huge though and includes family information, contacts, finances etc.  After realizing that summer was going to be crazy busy I decided to do a more tailored down one. I wanted something smaller {I used a 1" binder} that I could grab and take with me if needed.
I also wanted it to be cute so I added a few scrapbooky pages here and there.
Here are the Categories: 
I have a zipper pouch with a couple pencils & pens
Emma's Summer goals are right at the front

 Calendars for June, July & August {I just used WORD to create a simple one}
 I also typed up a page with each of the summer programs we are doing day/time & their contact information & addresses

  Summer menu planning is so different for me. I avoid the stove and oven at all cost & usually need quick & easy dinner plans. I also decided to do a "Lunch menu" separate from the dinner menu because almost every day we will be eating on the go or somewhere else but home. I wanted to make sure everything is planned so I can make sure I have everything I need.  Click HERE for the cute lunch menu from an awesome website called Anything But Perfect- LOVE! Again I used WORD to create a simple weekly menu/grocery planner. I also keep a running list of "Family Favorites" and their recipes in this section.

       Community Resources
 I keep our Easy to Love Summer resource list at the front of this tab {email me if you would like me to send you a copy!} and then a blank print out to write different events {what, cost/info, deals/coupons}.
  Bored Bucket
 I will keep the bored bucket in my kitchen and use it when needed. I am going to try to keep most of the supplies needed on hand. In this section I have a document with each activity in the bored bucket & what supplies are needed. I posted a picture of the bucket. On each stick is an activity, on the back is the website or directions.

       Trip Tuesday
 Tuesdays will be our "Trip days". I am still working on scheduling the activities. when I do I will add them to my print out with all the information {address, cost etc} and if there are any deals/coupons for the activities.

 I decided to make this section to keep track of photos, pamphlets and other things to remember our summer. I have a "What we did this month" page for June, July & August to fill out and extra plastic pages to throw things in. At the end of summer I will organize them in each of the kiddos photo books. Click HERE for the "What we did this month" printable - it is part of a huge free printable pack. If you just want the memory page email me and I will send you a copy.

Anyway, there's the summer planner. We have a crazy summer that is full of both special needs activities and lots of plain old summer fun! I am SO excited for summer this year! I feel like I have a plan and am ready for anything! ;)


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