Mission Statement

To provide a place for parents and family members to meet and share experience, strength, give hope and awareness, to other families who have similar experiences raising children with ADD/ADHD, SPD, Anxiety, ASD, mental health diagnosis, developmental and behavioral challenges. Through sharing in this experience of raising these hard to raise kids, we grow stronger and more resilient.

Easy to Love is a 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit Organization


 Volunteer Opportunities 

As Utah Easy to Love starts to expand we are needing more and more volunteers to help us with projects, workshops, child care, family events and fundraising.

1. Be committed. If you are unable to make the time you scheduled, please call the contact person as far ahead as possible.
2. Volunteers must be able to make it to the location on their own and on time
3. Do not take pictures of children or parents at events without permission.
4. Please dress comfortably but conservatively. Jeans, tshirt and tennis shoes are appropriate. Please no baggy sweats, low cut tops, short shorts or pants hanging below your waist.
5. Appropriate language must be used at all times. Any report of derogatory comments, name calling or swearing will result in immediate & permanent release from your volunteer post.
6. You are working with children with various special needs. Take the time to understand different struggles, be sympathetic and patient. We will always be close by if there is an issue that needs immediate intervention.
7. Application, medical info & consent forms must be filled out in their entirety. Volunteers under 18 must have a parents signature.
8. No volunteers under the age of 15 years old.

stay tuned as we update this page with information how you can volunteer for different events, workshops and child care. 

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