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Monday, April 2, 2012


I finally decided to sit down and write a little blog, and I am going to finish this time! Things have been a little nuts around here. We got into a good routine during the winter, good schedules, good moods and mostly regulated. It's like life knew I was feeling a little to comfortable so it decided to stir things up. Emma started having major stomach issues again. In the past this was a huge issue (feeding tube, hospitals etc) things over the last year and a half had mellowed other than a sensitive stomach. Suddenly we were dealing with refusals to eat and drink, diarrhea and horrible stomach pain. We found out she had C. Diff and a massive yeast overgrowth in her digestive track. Although yeast is something that she has chronically struggled with from the beginning, I wasn't expecting C. Diff and have no idea how she got it. Then she got an ear infection, sinus infection and a staph infection. This all happened in the course of 2 months. Needless to say we have been spending a lot of time in the doctors office along with a trip to the ER for a rash that spread over her entire body - blech. We keep going in a vicious circle - get rid of the yeast and C. Diff then she gets an infection and needs antibiotics which then causes yeast and effects the C.Diff.
Another major side effect of being so sick is it obviously and understandably effects her mood and behavior. She was all over the place.
We are still dealing with stomach issues as of now, her GI thinks that C.Diff spores are still looming. She is being retested this week and will possibly need another round of the medication. She is also not back on track as far as moods (lots of ups and downs) and she continues to be SO un-regulated in the sensory department! I know some of the issue is I have been lax on the schedule (which she thrives on) because of the illnesses. I am hoping that because we SEEM to be getting her health back on track {KNOCK ON WOOD!!} we can get our schedule back on track. Hoping life cooperates!!
On a happy note, the beautiful weather = LOTs of time outside. Emma loves it! She could live in our backyard!!
Photo is from a trip to Wheeler Farm with her buddy (& uncle) Ethan. Emma LOVES animals and had fun seeing the baby cow, sheep & goats!


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