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To provide a place for parents and family members to meet and share experience, strength, give hope and awareness, to other families who have similar experiences raising children with ADD/ADHD, SPD, Anxiety, ASD, mental health diagnosis, developmental and behavioral challenges. Through sharing in this experience of raising these hard to raise kids, we grow stronger and more resilient.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Davis County Meeting Issues

As you may have seen of Facebook or were made aware of on DBH's door the Davis County Meeting was cancelled. I found out today that the women that was helping us by keeping the building open after hours is no longer working there.... I was told this news at 3pm today. yeash.
Anyway, we sincerely apologize if this inconvenienced anyone.
If you would like the information we were going to hand out at this months group, send us an email and we will email you copies.

As of now we are still planning on keeping our February Meeting the same, & working on getting a new location set up... even if it is a temporary one.
February 29th

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, let us know!
Lindsay - 801-928-1124
Jen- 310-733-6074

Thank you for your continued support!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dancing In the Kitchen: Songs Celebrating the Joy of Food!

A couple of months ago I won a copy of Dancing in the Kitchen. It looked adorable and I was pretty excited. Eating and food is something that has always been a struggle for Emma. It took a long time (like in the last 6 months) that Emma actually enjoyed the idea of eating. Food / Eating is a struggle for her, period. I am always looking for ideas to help!

When I got this CD I had already made a commitment to start involving Emma more in the food process. Let her help me make her meals (especially lunch when it is just the 2 of us), help decide what we are having etc. So when this CD came I decided to add that to the mix. Emma LOVED the music and had a lot of fun dancing and stirring. The songs are catchy and we actually have had so much fun listening to them, being silly and making food fun, Emma even started asking to listen to it in the car!

Bottom line- its fun. cute. and does celebrate the joy of food. Which for a lot of our kiddos is a struggle.

Visit My Munch Bug for a link to purchase and great site with some great resources!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Sorry it has been so long since either of us have updated the blog! The holidays were insane and both of our little ones turned 4 within a couple days of Christmas... it has sort of been a marathon!

Here is a quick overview of what we have been up too!
Christmas went well, Emma was excited to see what Santa brought (a new doll with lots of accessories!) and overall did really well throughout Christmas Eve and Day.
Emma's Birthday was the day after Christmas. e had a small family party (Rapunzel themed of course!) and she did much better than I had anticipated. She was definitely past done by that evening! She held it together though, with a lot of people, a lot of expectations and limited down time. It took Emma a few days to re-coup from all the excitement and change in routine, we were both really happy when everything got back to "normal" what ever that means! :)

Christmas Eve with her favorite person mr. ethan! & Christmas morning playing
with her toys from Santa!

Emma in her Tangled Birthday attire & getting ready for bed in her new Tangled Jammies and bed set that she got for her Birthday! She was IN heaven and SO excited to sleep in her own bed!

Emma started a new preschool through Davis County Schools, it was so nice to get her back into a school after graduating from the Children's Center in November. Emma thrives in school and does really well! So far I have been impressed with the teachers and Emma seems to really like them as well. Emma love playing in the Kitchen center and is learning to write her name!

Emma continues to do amazing in her dance class and loves her teacher Miss Katie!

We continue to plug along. Everyday is a learning experience, Emma has made A TON a progress and I am seeing a "big girl" start to emerge. With all of our steps forward there have been many steps back, we are working through struggles while still celebrating her amazing successes! I continue to fight for Miss Em to make sure she has every opportunity available to get the tools she needs!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is doing well! I am SO excited about this years meetings! Can't wait to see some old faces and meet some new ones!