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Thursday, February 27, 2014

"The Orientation" Part 4

We are on to #4 in this blog series, if you haven't read the previous here are the links.

#4: Get some type of organizational system in place for paperwork. There will be all kinds of paperwork. School paperwork, evaluations, therapy notes etc. On any given week I am bombarded with papers about Emma & this was even more extreme in the beginning of our journey.  I started things out with piles of paperwork in 10 different spots & I always felt like I was digging for important things  before appointments. Finally after a "ah ha moment" (which I have referenced HERE) I decided changes needed to be made and there needed to be something in place to help me stay on top of everything.
I got a small accordion file to start, they are in the dollar spot at Target. This file is just for Emma. We have tabs for: Medical, Developmental/mental health, Occupational Therapy, Education & Receipts. In the front I have a folder with her Insurance cards, any notes/questions for upcoming appointments and a list of current medications & dosages.  I found when I started using this I felt more in control & doctors/assessors/therapist seemed to take me more seriously. I wasn't {as} frazzled and sitting trying to remember information that they were asking for - I had it with me. Emma's file goes to EVERY single appointment we attend, I also recommend keeping a small notebook with it as well. I always makes sure to jot down notes from appointments for reference.

My super cute chevron file from Target dollar spot!! It's my constant companion - from parent teacher conference to medical appointments! 

There are a lot of other organization tips/tricks I have and use to keep things running smoothly, but this was and is still my most valuable tool for our home.

If you have any questions or need ideas for organizational tricks for your home I am happy to answer emails - utaheasy2love@gmail.com. You can also visit an old blog post Jen & I did with the systems we use in our homes HERE.

We only have 2 more posts to go in our series! Stay tuned for Part 5 - Self Care!


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