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Saturday, January 25, 2014

"The Orientation" Part 2

Hey All, as I was talking about in Part 1 of this blog series, I decided to put together a blog series basically of things I wished I would have known early on. Things to do, questions to ask and treatments to seek. We will pick up with number 2, written by Jen!

I wanted to participate in Lindsay's orientation posts and add a few thoughts to #1 -   It was so vitally important that we find a "medical home" pediatrician for Hudson, because that led us to OT, Speech, Social Skills groups and many other services over the past few years.  I have said this before, my whole life felt like it had been turned upside down and my community was no longer my community.  I had to find my "new normal."

With that we move to #2:
 I have to put my pitch in for finding a support group.  Everyone needs community.  Some feel comfortable in a specific diagnosis community and they are out there - Autism Speaks, CHADD, Utah Down Syndrome Foundation,  In the case of Lindsay and I - our kids did not fit any one "ism," they had multiple.  We searched for a group that had a variety and did not find the right one, so we started one. However you find one or start one is up to you, but do not give up on that concept!  It has been the single most grounding and freeing experience of my life.  Within our autistic home; with it's nonsensical rules and rigidity, it is sometimes the only laugh I have had all week.  Nothing is more freeing that belly laughing about the chaos that ensued when your child did not understand the sarcasm of a friend and ran screaming epithets in a crowded restaurant (true story).

Utah Easy to Love - meets monthly in Salt Lake City and Davis County.  We hold monthly activities for families, we have this blog, a Facebook page, email, and a phone line.  Reach out!  Tell us your story.  We get it and we want to be there to support you through this time.  It does get better.  It may never be easy, but it does get better.
With love and laughter,

Stay tuned for part 3...

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