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Friday, October 28, 2011


I love Halloween... really I love any holiday and like to make them a big deal {birthdays too!} Things have for sure had to adjust with Emma and when I still try and do the BIG DEAL stuff, often times it back fires.
Emma's first 2 Halloweens were un-eventful. She was so young that I plopped her in a costume for pictures, went to 2 houses and then we were good.
top-Em's 1st Halloween, bottom-her 2nd

Last year she was older and I thought a good age to attempt some real Halloween fun. She had the MOST adorable Halloween costume and we had several activities spaced over a few days. By Saturday night when Utah did their trick or treating Emma was spent. We traded out the "itchy" fairy costume for a soft frog costume (with a tiara she insisted on :) that was warm and fuzzy and out we went for Em's first real trick or treat experience. It was freezing, rainy and windy. Em made it through 4 houses before she had a melt down, during the melt down she slipped and fell Add Imagein the mud...we were bathed and in bed 30 minutes later.
this picture pretty much sums up last years Halloween

This year Em wanted to be Rapunzel from Tangled, her very favorite movie. She is thrilled with the SOFT costume I had specifically made to be SPD friendly. We are taking it easy. We did a trunk-or-treat Friday night, after she got some treats she was in her jammies, snuggled in a warm car watching a show. She was happy to eat a couple pieces of candy and watch a Halloween Clifford. We will do some Trick-or Treating on actual Halloween but we are avoiding the "events" of the season. It is just too much for her. I will admit, sometimes it is disappointing to turn down family and friends who invite us to fun activities. It is disappointing that we can't always do our "family traditions" that have been happening since I was a child. But, I am working through that and adapting things to meet Emma's needs. We are still creating wonderful memories in the process.
Every year is a learning experience... maybe this year I will have the hang of things?!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!

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